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Scaling and optimization

Our Fermentation Pilot Plant has been designed to allow the transition of production from laboratory scale to industrial scale.

We make available to our clients the material means and the experience of our experts, in order to help them to transfer the achievements obtained in laboratory work to an industrial level.

In most industrial fermentations, scaling up from innovations previously achieved in the laboratory is an important step, requiring pilot-scale trials.

Process development

Process development services play an important role in ensuring that a biological process is scalable from a model that offers optimal yields and productivities.

Investing time and money in process development services will allow a faster and safer progress towards the manufacturing process and therefore towards the commercialization of the bioproduct.

Scaling a fermentation process to an industrial level is a complex path, which becomes more difficult if the limitations of the scalability of the equipment are not considered and evaluated well from the beginning, hence the importance of making a good process development.


In order to accelerate new and existing bio-based technologies to scale, Bioxytol offers a low-capital business answer for companies seeking to achieve cost-competitive fermentation without the capital risks associated with building their own infrastructure. .

Our facilities offer customers a fast, cost-effective means of testing their technology at scale, thus avoiding the time, cost and expertise required to build and operate temporary non-commercial demonstration facilities.