New generation sweeteners

We convert natural raw materials into Healthy and Low Calorie Sweeteners

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    About us

    We develop and manufacture a range of new generation sweeteners, to satisfy those consumers which are most exigent with quality, taste and health.

    Bioxytol is founded in 2021 to develop, manufacture and commercialise next generation sweeteners and to explore product development opportunities within the €50bn world sugar market where health welfare is a major and growing concern for consumers worldwide utilising new green pathway technology.
    The advantages of producing Erythritol using BioxytolTechnology is producing erythritol (from glycerol) to commence with and then develop and progress to produce allulose, and Isomaltulose (both from beet sugar syrup waste)
    Consumers now want food and beverages that are healthier, naturally produced using less of the planet’s resources and still maintaining a great taste profiles while respecting the integrity of the planet. The new generation products are low calorie sweeteners which do not metabolize in the human gut and therefore, do not flow into the bloodstream and hence the blood sugar level is very controlled, helping people with diabetes and those with cardiovascular conditions.
    They are replacements of sucrose, sharing similar sweet sense and fine taste. They have been approved as a safer sucrose substitute with some advantages, including higher stability and lower digestibility.


    Erithrytol and other sweeteners

    With a sweetness equivalent to about 75% of the same amount of sugar, Our Products (polyols – erythritol, isomaltulose and soon xylitol and allulose) are natural and healthy sweeteners.

    • Most polyols, including erythritol, are 70% sweeter than sucrose so less product gives the same flavor.
    • Our sweeteners vary in terms of caloric value and effect on blood sugar, although they all have a glycemic index at least 70% lower than sucrose. This has a great benefit for health and especially for diabetics who, in this way, can enjoy sweet flavors without putting their health at risk.
    • Erythritol and other sweeteners in our range of products are absorbed to a lesser extent than sucrose by the body.
    • In addition, we have developed other processes to produce allulose, another polyol, which also has a very low calorific value, with the added benefit that it also helps control weight.


    From carbon source to low calories sweeteners


    Raw material

    We use natural raw materials such as glycerol, MSW or corn syrup.


    Own Technology

    We have our own technology to develop the process and obtain the final product.



    Our products (Erythritol and Isomaltutose) are natural and healthy sweeteners.

    Bioxytol convierte materias primas naturales en Edulcorantes Bajos en Calorías.

    Bioxytol converts natural raw materials into Low Calorie Sweeteners.

    By closing the loop and using glycerol extracted from biodiesel production, we will produce low-carbon and sustainable sweetener products, expanding and nurturing a consumer first choice and availability.

    Glycerol that is produced as by-product of biodiesel, which itself is produced from used cooking oil (produced from naturally grown oil seeds and hence “green”)or waste animal fat (and hence circular)

    Advantages and applications

    Bioxytol converts natural raw materials into Sweeteners


    Taste and quality

    Substitutes for sucrose, sharing a sweet sensation with better digestibility.



    Our products are low calorie sweeteners that are not metabolized in the human intestine and therefore do not flow into the bloodstream.


    Suitable for diabetics

    Erythritol achieves a sweetening power equivalent to glucose without the impact it has on the body.


    Biobased product

    Own technology for the production from natural substrates and through a biological process.


    We take care of the planet

    We use the planet's resources less intensively in our production process.


    Multiple applications

    Additive for non-alcoholic beverages, cereals, candies and glazes, frozen dairy desserts, salad dressings, jams etc.